Ryan Dahan

D.O.B                        Height:          Weight:

April/03/1994             178(cm)         175(lb)

Position:                  Footed:

Goal Keeper             Right

School: John Rennie High School Sport Etude Program


•        TSF Academy u-13 (2006)
•        New York Red Bull Academy u-14 (2007)                              NEW JERSEY
•        PDA(Players Development Academy) u-15 (2008)
•        West Orange High School Varsity (2009)

•        Lakers u-18 AAA (2009)                                                           MONTREAL, QC
•        Lakeshore u-16 AAA (2010)
•        John Rennie Sport Etude (2010)

•        When played for the New York Red Bull Academy we entered and played in the Dallas Cup tournament coming in second place for our division.

•        When played for PDA(Players Development Academy) we finished our season winning state cup becoming ranked 1st in New Jersey and attending nationals
in West Virginia to become ranked 12 in the nation for u-15.

•        With Lakers u-18 AAA we finished our season losing in Quebec Cup in the quarterfinals in Quebec City.