require the support of the entire community There are
many cost players,parents and business Program(soccer  
fields,uniforms,travel etc)
    We would greatly appreciate your financial
    impact among  young people and fulfill their people

Ask us how your Company can involved!

Our Company goal is to assist the players providing them with the tools for their development and

Our club contacts exists in Europe,MLS and we have recently added Australia and New Zealand
will provide therefore the full support for the players in terms of representation,   
We will provide support and logistics

We will represent discovered talented players

We will create an open doors for any players who wants to have career in sport

We are highly adaptable,innovative and are continually evolving while looking for new    
initiatives to help our players and clients achieve the highest potential
Beneath a video footage of our visit to Accra

A tournament consisted on young players was
formed for InterGoal Sports Inc
As a result we have signed an agreement with a
Company in Ghana to run under           InterGoal
Sports Inc Academy in Accra