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Well ,the World Cup is well over.
FIFA panel looks to improve World Cup in 2014

ZURICH (AP) — A FIFA task force will suggest ways of improving soccer at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said Friday he wants “a more attractive World Cup” than he saw in South Africa. Seven of 64 matches were goalless, including six in a cautiously played opening phase.
So,we have something to look forward as farest World Cup and all other Football Championship
Every time at least for me major tournament like those mentioned above I’m trying to be a little bit analytical.My subject of interest is to observe technical and tactical ability of the participated teams.However physical and even psychological preparation is constantly shaped as well and every World Cup we can see something different with the National Teams .Today Teams are well equipped with a Head Coach,Physical Preparation Coach ,Physiologist,Psychologist ,Nutritionist …..There is a lot of in stake and even relatively recent changes in allowing players to represent country which is not a country of birth(more and detailed information on this topic you can find at in section “news”) will be an additional step to pursuit to dominance in game of football
All this is exciting because it says a lot about what is really happening in each of the countries in terms of training,science in sport,organizational aspect etc .Of course winning or loosing sometimes is not a definite answer which teams is better but in global prospective this is the pejorative we would like to go by Not to mention that for instants Poland and Ukraine being extremely proud to host 2012 event, are going thru major infrastructure consisted on buildings new stadiums,hotels and even rebuilding roads and transforming transportation.
As a Players Agent who is also entertaining in my activities young football prospects from around the world the enthusiasm and success of FIFA , reflects also the movement of the players and transfer market
In order to assist young players from outside of European Union, FIFA observes a law which forbids players under 18 to sign a professional contract.This is suppose to stop the import of the young players under 18 especially from African Countries who once in Europe and for different reason not able to sign a contract, on many occasions were left on their own.It is worth to mention that players between 16 and 18 years old with European background going back to grandparents are able to sign a minor contract with the club in question.As a result the club then have the obligation to provide for the player the accommodation,education and football training until the end of the minor contract.Usually once the player reach 18 years of age the club will decide it if they want to sign the player to a pro contract
Those rules and regulations are the next steps forward to assist young players with options as well as are reflecting the demand in growing football industry
All those aspects and issues within the industry of football requires governing body of FIFA to stay on the top of the beautiful game

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    I would like to know more about the regulations of Players trying to sign with club a contract.Are you going to post more info about that?

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    Sorry for the delay.If you are still interested please give me a call at 905 717 3302 and I will provide you with all info required

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