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Well,well it is been a quite sometime since I have visited my Blog wow.My apology….some consolation is the fact that in the “news” on my web I have a little more updated posts
Going back however right to the source I would like to share some of my thoughts also about declining form of Barca as many speculates today….Not so fast however because every change has it’s own reason and I would like to put the brakes on a little bit here to see if we have a case. Certainly Barca was the team that everyone admired and pretty much majority agreed that this is a simple best team in the world. I believe like most of the people we could finally see a team which dominated the game with expression of great technique,skills and beauty.I remember Maradona was asked about Messi once and he said that Messi performance on the field is saving football today.What did he meant? Well, football industry became a giant now in the world market and also became excellent tool to offset political and economical problems in today’s world .The enthusiasm generated around the world is simple very very important for the people.But,the game must continuously provide the dynamics in the form of great display on the field entertaining the audience.Just like any changes in rules of the game jeopardizes the popularity of the game ,this is why there are debates for years now, should extra referees to be allowed to be present or even replays should be introduced.All would be important tools to protect the correct decisions but it seems to be even more important to not implement it on the expense of the game itself. Having this in mind my point is that as mentioned above Barca provided a style which clearly requires arts and beauty to the satisfaction of the spectators of course.I thought what Maradona had in mind was sort of a fear as I understood that for some time now we are observing ongoing desire ,huge desire to win the game by any means.As we know now,football has a lot of to offer and there is a lot of revenue associated with this industry.That is prompting further the development of the game not necessary always in right direction. Of course Coaches in modern football are no more working with the team on their own with assistant only.They have now specialists from the physical preparation,psychologist,physiologist…who are constantly working on the new methods of training . For instance in past, many coaches thought that speed component is a genetic condition only.Modern science says that speed still can be corrected and improved by special training. So there is positive side of the modern physical training of course but there is in consideration negative effects of it as well. Intensification of the physical training is the key component which I thought may jeopardize the beauty of the game.Especially with the conjunction of the desire with the physical preparation based on the same desire in tactical department which promotes the style of the game rather destructive on the pitch than creative.Now,how are we going to draw the analogy to the Barcelona match lost 4:0 to Bayern Munich.Well In my opinion I would like to put people in ease as I still believe that creative football will still prevail.Simply because I believe that no matter how physically and tactically( providing that tactics serves to protect the score only) the skills and ability to simple play the ball should always win I sincerely think that based on truthful over all media commentary after the match that Germans overpower physically Barca in this game and displayed very disciplined tactical performance there will be not a turn back from what Barca represents.Not from creative,free football versus the rational football, with physical dominance.I thought then that there were just a simply reason that Barca lost badly.Those are ,Messi was not performing as he usually does and .The lineup was this time not correct.Fabregas on the bench,Villa coming on in 83 min of the game,Messi was on the field if someone would wonder…Barca missed a leader in this game..Bayern in return was in excellent shape and in deed took perfectly advantage from not well prepared to this game Barca
Someone said it is hard to became a champion but even harder to keep it and with this remark I would let you to develop further your own take on it
Of course I know now that Germany Dortmund Team destroyed Real Madrid.I will here comment this post match as well but to draw any deeper conclusions I would suggest to wait until teams are going to meet in rematch again

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  1. Brian says:

    Very much agreed.Let’s continue to promote the attacking and creative football.But let’s also not forget that if teams like German clubs will play what they are capable to play and are winning then is it is up to Barcelona now to find a way to beat them.It was so far the other way around,.Barca went out and played their game and teams struggled to to beat them.My point is that not always whats beautiful is the most effective.People will always expect their team to win

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