Borussia Dortmund Bayern Munich in Champions League Final

It has been quite a journey…Nine months ago, 32 teams across Europe were just dreaming of walking out beneath Wembley’s famous arch in late May.
After a long campaign of thrills, spills, shocks and horrors, just two remain. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will use to contest the Champions League Final.
After seeing off the of Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona this week, the two sides will play out the first Champions League Final featuring two German teams.

Jerseys of German football clubs Bayern

Do ultimetely Champions League semi-final exits for Barcelona and Real signal the end of Spain’s golden football era?
Were they humiliated? Yes. But is it too soon to announce the end of Spain’s golden era?

German football financial philosophy is very different from the Spanish one. In Spain the aim is winning at any cost, perhaps explaining why several Primera Division clubs are at risk of bankruptcy, whereas the German approach “German football has been improving since 2008 because football clubs are obliged to have training centers for the more disciplined, and spending is carefully regulated.

All this has opened an international debate about a football power shift from Spain to Germany.

“I wonder who would be favourites now in an international match between Spain and Germany”, Michael Owen tweeted yesterday after Barça’s defeat.

He’s not alone in wondering this. Important figures in the football world such as former Real coach Bernd Schuster think that Spain’s cycle of dominance is coming to an end.

It is true that ‘football works in generations’ and that key players of Spain’s golden generation such as Xavi, Casillas, Puyol, Villa or Xabi Alonso have grown older and their physical ability has changed over the years – indeed those players are expected to retire after World Cup 2014.

Spain’s football style is also becoming too familiar. Rivals now know the Spanish style of play, indeed it is the same strategy used by the team that feeds more players to the national team La Roja: FC Barcelona.

Many are stating that Barça’s recent defeats in the Champions League show that this style has become too predictable. Players use the famous possession strategy but they don’t score. They lack speed and versatility in the penalty box

Yet in the light of ‘Spain’s economy which is not the envy of the world,Spanish people could say “but we have the best football team’.

So Spain, in its current situation, with more millions people unemployed, cannot afford to lose faith in its football.

Spanish dominance in football will depend on the next generations of Spanish players. Juan Mata and David de Gea are promising examples for English clubs Chelsea and Manchester United respectively.

Despite all different opinions, Spain is still the best football team in the world. According to Gaby Ruíz, Canal + sports journalist, Spain will be the ‘favorite in the next World Cup’.
I would like to personally elaborate which style is more readable.In my opinion creative football should be considered more unpredictable.If players are taught from early age to express themselves on the field instead to be locked up in systems,strategies what I think actually will be predictable on the end.If we take two players on the field let’s say Totti versus David Beckham.I would think it will be much more difficult to know what is going to do on the ball Totti but we can predicted what is going to do Beckham.Most likely Beckham will make a run on the wing and will crossed the ball.What Totti is going to do many time is conflicting any strategies,systems.Yet he will be doing well on any defense
It will be very much interested to find out some answers probably on the World Cup 2014.As of now the disciplined football based on excellent organized development from youth in Germany will pay the dividends.Well it does now ,it did paid in the past and will pay the dividends in the future.However creative,free football should prevailed because it is based on pure ability to play the ball based on technique and skills.Let me put it this way…the foundation under the greatness in football like in every other team sport I believe is laying in the talent and ability to play the ball supported by excellent physical,strategical,tactical preparation but not the other way around
Players likes Maradona,Platini,Messi,Zidane, were exceeding because they were able come out above and out of any system and this is the direction we should take in football development from early ages
We want to progress in football with finesse and skills and have well physically ,tactically ready players but let’s not forget that football as the most popular sport on the earth is not because we are growing super human athletes equipped with mysterious unsolved tactics.(In this department there is no secrets anyways…)The spectators wants to admire the arts, creativeness and pure beauty of the game

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