Triple crowned FC Barcelona

Triple crowned FC Barca absolutely dominated on the club level in Europe.I have been fascinated with their primacy and I think,Barca today is at the highest point of their achievements
Of course for most of the clubs the economical resources are limited but then there are clubs out there which whether with good infrastructure or not,still struggle to reach their potential
In the time where football is reaching sky limit with it’s popularity and enthusiasm around the world,FIFA must constantly introduces new regulations to just keep up with the demand.Today all the clubs on the premier div level must provide academies for young players up to 18 years old.The Academies are responsible for providing education,training,board and food for their young players.FC Barcelona excel in this department very well.La Masia (Farmhouse) serves as the youth academy for FC Barca.The academy nurtures young talent and familiarizes players to Barca fluid and quick style of play.From playing together at such a young age,the teammates build a cohesion that is visible when they graduate to the first team
Players like Andres Iniesta,Xavi,Cesc Fabregas,Gerard Pique,Puyol,Busquets,Messi,Pedro,Valdes are all coming from La Masia
La Masia is been such a success that other clubs across Europe are integrating similar youth academies
And,this is only one component in FC Barca .We know that La Masia it is a process but the fans expect success today.To be able to stay on the top,there is much more needed to be done.My attention turned to so many great players coming in and coming out from from Barca.Would this not to be the common problem of the clubs and National Teams as well? Some may wonder,why Real Madrid goes for the highest in the history transfer of Gareth Bale if they already have world class strikers like Benzema,Ronaldo or Isco? The answer is,to perform on the highest level the team must be ready to face any challenges and they must have the resources at the highest value.There can be implications of the transfers as well and quite typical too.Often players who either leaving or coming in,influences the style and the shape of the team the negative way.The so called unfortunate transfers,can slow down the club performance which maybe costly for some clubs. They have aspirations to be a part of European League or even Champions League
The transition resulting in the two way movements in Barca seems to work for the club very well.Millions of hard currency were paid for such a players like Neymar and Suarez.While players like Villa,Eto or Ibrahimovic all world class players had their ups and downs,Neymar,Suarez and Messi already are considered as the best trio “MSN” in the world.No matter how great the trio is,still without the other players on the team,coaches and the managements their success would not be there.Today Barca achievement is not a matter of luck or the coincident. I’m sure that before the competitions,in the poll, majority would voted Barca as a favourite.

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