Champions League

Champions League seems to be win win combination.From the prospective of the Club interest of the top shelve and the spectators, who ultimately will benefit of the constant raising the bar by the clubs in question
Let’s just elaborate a little…taking on the plate as an example EPL versus the importance of this Champions League
Just to considering the top clubs like Chelsea,or Arsenal,like MU,MC etc teams that have the highest expectations.It goes hand to hand with as well attracting the players to maintain the highest level at the given club.What will happened if those clubs will failed to qualify to top 4 teams?
Failing to qualify would leave the teams with option to Europa League.The question is whether the players like Aguero or Sanchez, will they be willing to stay in the club which can’t offered them Champions League? On the other side of the coin,will the clubs will be able to attract top players not offering them the highest Championship in football? Not all the top players will accept Europa League.So the stakes are high,the revenue coming off the Champions League participation is an platform to many clubs to further development, signing with lucrative brands like Adidas etc.
Presently in Champions League we are actually witnessing at the Quarter-finals remaining 8 teams and we are past first leg of quarter-finals
Except,Wolfsburg FC there are no surprises for me.I think that Atletico Madrid is very impressive and under Diego Simeone made huge step forward.It is now an serious opponent for Barca and Real M in LaLiga and the Champions League
My favourite club FC Barcelona, was on the top of their game first……. in the office department.Signing players like Suarez,Neymar was right on target.The club just can’t lose on this.First of all,one thing is to sign big player but the other is to match them with the best player in the world to create deadly MSN.I won’t be modest by saying that I was the first one,who actually come up with the signature “MSN” on twitter known now around the world.
Secondary the value of Neymar,Suarez double by now and they are presently except Ronaldo and Messi(of course) the hottest property on the market.So Barca is in win win situation.I remember thinking only a moment however,that Barca will have too many offensive players,with Iniesta joining the offensive force as a playmaker as well and maybe that can creates team unbalance.It was unnecessary worries.Addition of Rakitic,offensive work ethic defenders covering the space and excellent team positioning pay the dividents.Barca is an unit which in my opinion will be hard to beat.It is my #1 candidate to win the Champions League,the highest achievement in football
Looking forward to coming up second leg the the Quarter -Finals and drawing some feedback here after the Champions League will come to conclusion
Of course the players will go back to their respective league afterword’s and just around the corner we will welcome next biggest football event European Championship.I know I will be missing MSN from Barca,that’s for sure.The good thing is that at least myself,I’m seeing the National matches a little bit differently than the club level.And I hope that all fans watching, will find the competition very interesting as well

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